Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday dear friends. Only two more days left of work and we will officially be on vacation. Four days of camping and floating on the river. I'm so excited! I will try very hard to do a post about our campout food when we get back.

This weekend was a little hectic. We had a lot of shopping to do to get ready for the trip. I'll be prepping and cooking most of our food before we go. All we'll have to do is heat everything up when we get down there. Here is a look at our menu for the trip:

Breakfast: Frozen burritos (we'll heat these up and eat them on the road.)
Lunch: Hotdogs and chips
Dinner: BBQ chicken (we're bringing our little portable grill.)
Dessert: S'mores

Breakfast: Eggs and cheddar bacon brat burgers
Lunch: Hotdogs and chips
Dinner: Steak and grilled corn on the cob
Dessert: S'mores

Breakfast: Potato, sausage, and egg packets
Lunch: Sandwiches and chips
Dinner: Walking tacos
Dessert: More s'mores

Breakfast: Frozen burritos
Lunch: Sandwiches and chips

We'll be going back home after breakfast on Sunday, so we'll pack the sandwiches to go. We also have bottled water, Capri Suns, and bottled iced tea to drink (I'm not counting the alcohol).

Besides the vacation shopping, we also had our family pictures taken yesterday. Here is a little sneak peek:

I might have to do another website revamp just to include the new pictures. They look so awesome! 8701 Productions did a fabulous job (like there was ever any doubt).

Jeremy and I also had a meeting with a venue for the wedding. We went to The Cotillion Room and Garden. We were pretty happy with the outside for the ceremony, but the inside was pretty small. We'll be having close to 200 people, so finding a venue has been a little difficult.

That's all for now. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

Rebecca Havener, My Little Devils With Wings

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Red, White, And Blue Wedding

Last weekend was Jeremy's Mom's wedding reception. All the decorations were red, white, and blue. I absolutely love weddings, no two are ever the same. This one was no exception, just take a look at these beautiful decorations!

Cake Table

(My soon to be sister-in-law made the wedding cake. Isn't it gorgeous?!)

Table Decorations

(Pay no attention to my fingerprint smudges.

Drink Bar

(They had lemonade, iced tea, and bottled water.)

Candy Bar

Everything tied in so beautifully. It was such an amazing night, filled with wedding inspiration. To see another wedding I've posted about click here.

Congratulations Mom and David!

Rebecca Havener, My Little Devils With Wings

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I Need My Girls

Ladies, let's be honest with ourselves. Even before we get engaged, we know exactly who will be in our wedding party when we get married. No? Well I certainly did! Since Jeremy and I have four kids, we wanted each of them to have a role and a part in the planning and wedding itself. This isn't just our wedding after all, we are officially becoming a family. That means that both of my daughters will be my bridesmaids and Preston will be a groomsman. Lucas has a very special role, that I will talk about in another post.

Jeremy's sister, my sister, and my best friend will be my other bridesmaids. I wanted to officially invite them instead of just saying all nonchalant, "Hey, so will you be my bridesmaid?" In comes my Cricut and a little crafty goodness.

I printed out a sweet little message that said "I've found the man of my dreams, now I just need my (blank). Will you be my (blank)"

For the blank spaces, I used my cricut. I cut out the words GIRLS and BRIDESMAID, then pasted them into the blank spaces.

(Pay no attention to the fact that my letters aren't even, I screwed up on this one.)
(But you get the idea.)

After the glue dried, I folded it up and put it in an envelope, then I decorated the envelope.

I made five of these babies. I handed them out to each of my soon-to-be-bridesmaids along with a single yellow rose. I'm so incredibly grateful that they will be there to share in our special day, this was just a way to show them how much I care. I love you girls!

Rebecca Havener, My Little Devils With Wings

Monday, July 14, 2014

Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Ours was filled with all things wedding...except for Friday. Friday was all about relaxing and watching movies, it was magical. Then Saturday came around and we had Jeremy's Mom's wedding reception. We headed over there around noon to help her get everything set up...but I'll talk more about that later on in the week.

This post is all about what me and two of my bridesmaids did on Sunday. We went to Kansas City's Perfect Wedding Guide Bridal Show. We tasted delicious food (nothing bacon disappointed), drank mimosas, and shopped around all the wonderful venders they had set up.

(This is Cosentino's Catering booth, it was gorgeous!)

They had several jewelry booths set up. I found this super cute butterfly necklace in one of them. They can even find them in my colors. I thought they would make precious gifts for my flower girls.

One of the best parts of all were the dresses! They had two runway shows, but we only stayed for one (I can only walk so much). 

 (I loved the fabric on this dress!)

 (The train was really pretty on this one.)

 (Hello sparkles!)

 (I like the flow of this dress.)

(The top on this one is really pretty.)

And last, but certainly not least, is my favorite:

 (I love everything about this dress!)
(The flower girl is super cute too.)

Here is one similar to the one the model was wearing. I just think it's beautiful. Now, to find it in my price range. That's the real challenge. 

Overall, it was a great day. I left there with so many ideas and plans. I even booked our DJ for extremely cheap. 

Who wouldn't walk away feeling inspired with all this literature shoved in their bags. That's just the wedding pile, we have another one for the honeymoon! 

Rebecca Havener, My Little Devils With Wings

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