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A Shopping Lesson: School Clothes Edition

Hey all, welcome to the number two school post for the day. I'm on a roll! To see the first two shopping editions of this post click HERE and HERE.

I have been working a lot this summer and have barely had any time to myself let alone with my sweet babies. I have missed them like crazy and was craving some one-on-one time with them. It seems like this summer has blown by and we haven't had the chance to do anything fun.

So, Jeremy and I decided to give the kids each a set limit to buy their school clothes with. I would take each kid by themselves out to a meal and then we would go shopping. They each got to pick the restaurant and the stores. They didn't have to pay for their meals, just their clothes. I took them where ever they wanted to go as long as they stayed in their budget. (To be honest, the girls still went over by $20.)

Here is Emily's purchases. We went to Ihop for breakfast and her meal was FREE! She really wanted to go to the mall, so we did! I don't know why she kept making funny faces in her pictures, but it added to the fun.

She's really into clothes with food on them and leather stuff. Kids these days.

I love her comfy pants. I want a pair myself.

Seven outfits in all, plus a pair of shoes, and a few "unmentionables".
Next up was Chey-Ann. She loves lunch and I just knew she was going to want to go to Chipotle. She surprised me, however, and we ended up at Subway. Then it was back to the mall.
And more silly faces....

I might steal her sweater.

Apparently, wearing a plaid shirt around your waist is back in style.

She's a smart shopper and stretched her money out as far as she could even though she shopped at the "high end" stores. That's another seven outfits...eight if she really wears her plaid shirt the two different ways.
Next on the list was my oldest boy, Preston. By this point I was so stuffed from the first two meals that I didn't even want dinner. I ended up saving half of it. We went to Ponchos, then on to Kohl's.

This seventh grader is wearing men's clothes. When did that happen?

My genius son doesn't know how to button up a shirt.
Seven more outfits, plus new shoes and a binder. He was a very smart shopper. I'm super proud of my kids and their wise clothes choices.
Now for the baby. He starts his second year of pre-k this year. Next year he will be in Kindergarten. I will cry. He got to pick dessert for his meal. We went to Yogurtini...of course, then we shopped at Target.
He just cracks me up in his pictures. I might have a future model on my hands.

This dino shirt is his favorite.

It was such a fun and super tiring day. I didn't want to move when I got home, plus I was extremely full from all the meals. We purchased 28 outfits, two pairs of shoes, a binder, and a toy (because I promised Luke). They're going to look so stylish this year. 

Lunch Cheat Sheet Plus Ideas For The First Month Of School.

Hello all my super fabulous readers. The first day of school is right around the corner, so today I wanted to share with you my healthy school lunch plan for the first month of school. I have actually sat down and planned out lunches for the whole first semester. I'll be sharing a months worth at a time, because it'll get extremely picture heavy. Not a single one of them is the same. None of them are the ever boring cold turkey sandwich and chips. Plus, each one is a healthy balanced meal.

My daughter has actually hid her lunch or traded them with her friends in the past. I wanted to make lunches she could be proud of and...well...actually eat.

I let the kids put their mark next to the ones they wanted, afterwards I will take a survey (since I plan on using the same lunch list for the second semester). I want to know what they liked, what their favorite part was, is there anything they would change? Remember the goal is for them to eat these homemade healthy lunches. I have also made a little "cheat sheet" for those of you that aren't a fan of some of my lunch choices.

Obviously you will use choice #6 sparingly as that choice is mostly desserts with minimal nutritional value. Hey, you have to throw in something fun every now and then!

Okay, on to my first five weeks of school lunch menu (because our first week is only three days).
Keep in mind that the pictures I have shared are there to give you an idea. They are not my pictures and I have shared the sources with you. After I make the lunches, I will update this post with my own pictures and "how to's".

1st Week Of School Lunches (August)

Wednesday 19th
Turkey and cheese roll-ups
S'more snack mix
Veggies and dip
Apple juice



We wouldn't use the peppers, I'd use tomato instead. We would also add sliced turkey. It's a pretty great idea though, my kids love sandwich wraps and this is a variation of that. All four of the kids chose to eat this lunch. That means it gets four stars! ****

Thursday 20th
Cold pasta salad
Fruit chips
Bottle water

We would use ham chunks instead of pepperoni. No black olives or bell peppers, because not all the kids will eat them. I'm not a short order cook you know. This lunch only receives three ***. Preston hates pasta salad, but I'm hoping if I make it homemade he will change his mind.

Friday 21st
Pepperoni and cheese kabobs
Pretzels with cheese dip
Fruit salad

Every Friday is "Pizza Friday". The kids have pizza every Friday at school, so to compete with that we made the home lunches pizza as well. (Kinda...there's a lot of variations.)

You can make these any way you want. Pepperoni, Canadian bacon, cheese chunks, tomatoes, olives, etc. The possibilities are endless. Four ****

2nd Week Of School Lunches

Monday 24th
Homemade lunchables (ham or turkey, cheese, and crackers)
Grape and tomato caterpillars

Even though you can make these many different ways, this lunch only received three ***. I will make Preston try them before he makes a final decision.

Tuesday 25th
Mini taco salad cups
Chips and salsa
Fruit leather


I'm not sure why, but Emily didn't want this lunch. Three ***.

Wednesday 26th
Chicken taquitos
Zucchini chips
Fruit skewers
Fruit juice



You just can't go wrong with chicken taquitos in the eyes of my children. They love them, four ****.
Thursday 27th
Strawberries and Nutella
Trail mix


We have several breakfast for lunch options and each one is a big hit with the kids. Four ****.

Friday 28th
Pizza pin wheels
Baby bella cheese
Celery, tomatoes, and dip


We have made these before and the kids absolutely loved them. They are extremely easy to make too. Four ****.

3rd Week Of School Lunches

Monday 31st
Chicken fried rice
Fortune cookies (They sell them at Hy-Vee or make your own)


Mix those lunches up with Mexican, Chinese, and Italian options. For fun with the Chinese food option, add a fortune cookie and serve with chopsticks. Four ****

Tuesday 1st (September)
School lunch

Because Mom's need a break from cooking too.

Wednesday 2nd
Pita turkey sandwiches
Veggie crackers
Apples and caramel dip


Pita bread sandwiches are not boring, plus you can make them many different ways. They are fun little pockets that the kids enjoy. Four ****

Thursday 3rd
Homemade mac and cheese
Fruit salad
Veggie skewers

I don't think I have shared my recipe on the blog yet. Once you make homemade mac and cheese, you will never want the store bought crap again!

I will put this in their thermos, so it stays nice and warm. Preston absolutely loves my mac and cheese. What's not to love? Four ****.

Friday 4th
Pizza waffles
String cheese


The kids think this is the coolest idea ever and I can't wait to try it. Four ****.

4th Week Of School Lunches

Monday 7th
School lunch

Yay, another break from cooking!

Tuesday 8th
Chicken chunks
Veggie spears

Emily didn't want this lunch, again I'm not sure why. I don't think she understood exactly what it was. Three ***.

Wednesday 9th
Chicken dunks
Veggie skewers
Trail mix
Fruit juice


Not sure how these will turn out, but I'm willing to try. I'm wondering if they will stay crisp by the time lunch comes. The kids are also willing to try them. Four ****.

Thursday 10th
Strawberry muffins
Yogurt and fruit


Another breakfast for lunch option. You can use oats or flour. Either way they will be delicious. Four ****.

Friday 11th
Pizza bites
Bread and marinara
Baby bella cheese
Orange slices


These look amazing! I can't wait to try them. Four ****.

5th Week Of School Lunches

Monday 14th
Cold chicken and apple salad
String cheese


You can make a vinaigrette for dressing. It should be relatively easy to make and it's an Autumn twist to the usual lunch salad. Four ****.

Tuesday 15th
Meatball skewers (with cheese cubes and tomatoes)
Marinara sauce


An Italian lunch. You can easily make these ahead of time and store in the freezer. Thaw and cook when you are ready to serve. Four ****.

Wednesday 16th
Humus dippers
Fruit salad


There are only two kids willing to try this. They aren't huge fans of hummus. I'm sure I can find a kind that they will all love and enjoy. Two **.

Thursday 17th
Cheddar bacon ranch pin wheels
Carrot and celery with ranch dip
Fruit juice


These are one of my favorite party foods. Why not make them for lunch too. Four ****.

Friday 18th
School lunch

School lunch pizza it is.

I've shared twenty recipes with you. If the kids choose not to eat the homemade options, then they will eat at school. I'm hoping they will at least try my recipes first. I have at least 50 more recipes to share with you.

Once I purchase the ingredients, I will post how much each one will cost you to make. I'm hoping each one of these recipes will feed all six of us. So, I will take the cost and divide it by six. That's how much it will cost per person.

I will also be writing a post about my favorite lunch boxes, Tupperware, food cutters, utensils and tools.

I promise this will not turn into a food blog, but for parenting purposes, I will make it a big part! We Mommies need all the help we can get!!

Rebecca Havener-Lewis, My Little Devils With Wings
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