Friday, January 23, 2015

Friday Tidbits

I am so very happy today is Friday! We have a full weekend ahead of us, though.

Tidbit #1 - Two craft days...that's right TWO craft days this weekend! One with my Mom and one with Jeremy's Mom. It's going to be a momma filled weekend. 

I have several crafts I would like to start on this weekend. One is a Valentine's Day craft and the other two are just for fun. I would show you pictures, but that would ruin the surprise. You all know how much I love surprises. 

Tidbit #2 - There are a few organizational tasks that need to be completed this weekend, mainly for the sake of my sanity. They're driving me CRAZY! 

Number one is the hall closet. It's kind of a dumping ground for things that don't have a home or things that go downstairs, but I'm too lazy to take them down at that moment. 

Number two is the tupperware cabinet. If one more piece of tupperware falls on my head when I open the cabinet door I swear the whole lot is going in the trash.

Number three is the bathroom cabinet. It's a mess (that's all I have to say about that).

These three tasks will take me all of maybe thirty minutes to do. So why haven't I done them yet? Because I'm the biggest procrastinator to ever walk the earth.

Tidbit #3 - I would really like to get the basement stairs painted this weekend, but I might have to hold off until Monday. They are really worn and when I sit in my craft room, they bug the crap out of me. We might even be able to get another stair project done this weekend too...if I can convince Jeremy to help.

Tidbit #4 - Along with the stair project, I also have a table that is begging to be built. It's supposed to be really nice this weekend, so there is no reason why we can't knock out a couple of building projects.

We usually have to do all our projects outside, since we don't have a garage or any room in the house. 

That's about it. I would say let's add a few more things to the list, but then I would feel really overwhelmed and nothing would get done. So, let's just leave it to four tasks. Hopefully, all will get completed and I can share them with you next week!

Have a wonderful weekend, dear friends.

Rebecca Havener, My Little Devils With Wings

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Chore Chart For All Ages

I am a firm believer that if you live in our house, then you do your part to help keep it clean. My kids have their weekly chores that they do and they don't get paid for doing them. Instead we will buy them the occasional item from the store or will take them on fun outings. Jeremy and I don't get paid for keeping up the house, so why should the kiddos.

I thought I would write a post about age appropriate chores, just in case you are tired of picking up after your children like I was. Just to be clear, when I was a stay-at-home momma I did all the chores around the house. The kids were just responsible for their rooms. I figured it was my day time job to look after the house. When I started working out of the house is when we decided to make a chore chart.

I've have the rule that the cook never has to clean up after dinner. They did their part, now it's everyone else's turn to help out. When Jeremy cooks, I clean. If I cook, the kiddos help clean. Yes, I never make Jeremy do household chores...except for the occasion taking out the trash. His job is the house maintenance. If something breaks, he fixes it. If the law needs mowed, he mows it. If the vehicles need maintenance, he takes care of it. However, should he have the day off then he does the cooking. I cook the rest of the week. It's only fair. ;)

Now, to the chore chart.

For the actual chart, I use excel. I also make a detailed list of what I actually want cleaned in the rooms that are their responsibility.

Preston and Chey-Ann are responsible for their own laundry. They wash, dry, fold, and put away all their laundry. They have a specific day during the week to get it done. If they miss their day, due to forgetfulness, then they don't get to make it up on another day. They just have to wait until the next week. Preston's day is on Monday, Chey-Ann's day is on Tuesday, that gives me five days to do everyone else's laundry. Trust me when I say, I wish there were more days during the week so I could get it all done! I wash all the towels and bedding on top of the rest of the clothes. The summer before sixth grade is when they start being responsible for their own laundry. To make it easier for them, I put stickers next to the cycle, load size, and temperature they should be using for their clothes. Emily is responsible for folding and putting away her laundry. I wash and dry it, the rest is up to her.

I did have Emily (she's nine) washing dishes. She wasn't getting the job done, so now she just unloads the dish washer. If the kids are hand washing, she will dry and put the dishes away. Preston and Chey-Ann are responsible for loading the dishwasher or hand washing the dishes. Here's the best part though, each of the kids gets two days off where they don't have to do the dishes. They still complain, but at least they don't have to do them everyday. They also get every other weekend off from chores, because they aren't home. Everyone cleans off their place after dinner. Then, the kids are responsible for dishes, sweeping, wiping off counters, and wiping off the table/chairs. They take turns doing the after dinner chores.

The kids also take turns setting the table for dinner. We even let them help us cook, if they want.

Everyone is responsible for cleaning their rooms every Tuesday. All laundry is put away, toys picked up, and trash dumped. It feels good to have clean bedrooms, even if they don't stay that way for long.

Chey-Ann is responsible for cleaning the kitchen. She takes out the trash and recycling, wipes off cabinets and counters, cleans the appliances, sweeps and mops the floor, and wipes down the sink.

Preston is responsible for cleaning the bathroom. He cleans the toilet, sink, and shower. He wipes off the mirror and empties the trash. If there are dirty clothes in there, then he takes them down to the laundry room. Then he sweeps and mops.

Emily is responsible for the living room. She picks up trash, wipes down tables, picks up dirty dishes (mostly cups), and sweeps. Luke is responsible for picking up his toys in the living room, but he does this daily.

Lucas also helps wipe down the tables and chairs (when he feels like it). We don't make him do this yet, because we want him to feel like chores are fun. It's when they get older that they start to figure out that doing chores sucks (for lack of a better word). I also want him to get into the habit of making his bed every morning, but it hasn't happened...yet.

Everyone shares in the responsibility of taking care of the pets. Emily feeds the dog, Preston takes her outside/inside, and I or Jeremy bathe her. Everyone feeds the fish, but Jeremy cleans out their tank. He's the one who puts in the new decorations every month.

I am responsible for organizing, grocery shopping, doing yearly/monthly chores, and washing the rest of the laundry. I also do the chores when the kids aren't around. You would think my house is spotless, but think again. Six people in a tiny house means big clutter. We are getting better about keeping it clean and downsizing, but we still need a lot of work.

There you have it, our weekly chore list. Do you make your kids do chores? Am I leaving something out?

Rebecca Havener, My Little Devils With Wings

Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Recap

Is it just me or did this morning come way too quickly? I could definitely use a couple more hours of sleep or at least twelve more cups of coffee. Oh yeah, I could go for more coffee.

Last night, I made a delicious pot of fish stew. Have you ever watched Chef At Home? Michael Smith is the chef and the fish stew recipe is his. I've been dying to try it ever since I watched the episode. Chey-Ann hates fish...with a passion. She ate her whole bowl though, with only mild complaining, which is a huge plus in my book. My local grocery store didn't have any fennel, which the recipe called for, but since it's in the celery family I used celery instead. (Fennel won't be available until early spring.) I'll definitely have to make this recipe again when the ingredients become in season. I really wish I had taken a picture, but if you want the recipe just click on the link above.

My boys have a huge action figure problem. They're all over the place! They were majorly lacking in the bedroom storage department, so I broke my "no spending" rule and bought the organizer that is on sale at Target. Now I just need to buy some red fabric bins for it and the sorting can begin.

Please take notice to the pile of toys on the floor, that isn't even half of them! I did some cleaning in there last night, but it isn't even close to being picture ready. Which isn't a huge surprise since my whole house is that way. Here's the scoop on this organizer...I built it all by myself! I even used power tools. Super proud of my power tool skills!! It's the little things in life that get me excited.

While I was cleaning and getting things organized around the house, the kids were sent outside to play in the gorgeous sunny weather we were having. Emily loves the outdoors, in the summer I practically have to drag her into the house at night to eat dinner. I have come to the conclusion that my little girl has been cooped up inside for way too long. Here's why:

She's so silly. After the park, her and Lucas played in the backyard and built a fort. I love the fact that they are outdoor kids, even if they do lay down in the sand and track it all over the house.

Yesterday was also my niece Payton's birthday. The kids all went to the movie theater and watched Big Hero 6. They loved it! Then, we all went over to my brother's to have cupcakes and open presents.

It was such a wonderful weekend. I even got to turn the heat off and open some windows in the house. I can't believe that it's January!

So, what was your weekend like?

Rebecca Havener, My Little Devils With Wings

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday Tidbits

Well, this Saturday may be my last Saturday off for awhile. I start a new job next week and I'm super excited about it! Jeremy has also started a new job...kind of. He is now a manager of his store, so he'll be working even more hours. (I feel like a single mom already.) We are so proud of him, though. We feel very blessed with all these changes and I can assure you that I can't wait to spend our first paychecks...on craft stuff...because I love it so!

Since Jeremy is working a double shift tonight and won't be home till after 11:00pm, the kids and I are going to eat pizza and watch movies. It feels like it should be a lazy Friday for at least some of us.  I will also be making the kids wash all the dirty dishes that are taking over the kitchen...because I'm mean like that. Seriously though, I want my house back. Our Christmas decorations are all taken down, but they haven't made their way to the shed yet. They're still sitting in our living room, mocking me. Also our washer went out two days before Christmas. We finally got a new one and it's crazy the amount of laundry six people can go through in a matter of weeks. If you need me I'll be buried alive in the laundry room. If you haven't realized what we'll be doing most of our weekend, then you aren't paying attention! It's spring cleaning in January!!

The craft room is coming along, but I'm kinda at a standstill until Jeremy can help me with a few things. So I'm sorry for leaving you hanging. They'll be an updated post soon, I hope. It's supposed to be really nice this weekend, so I might tackle a few projects that require spray paint. I might even make the kids play outside all weekend, so I can get some painting done inside too.

Jeremy will be home most of Sunday, so we'll be having a celebratory dinner in honor of our new jobs. Chey-Ann also made Nationals with her cheerleading, so we'll be celebrating that as well. We are super proud of her hard work and dedication this year.

It is also, this little sweetheart's birthday on Monday. All the kids are going to see Night At The Museum 3 on Sunday to celebrate her turning four! Where does the time go? Why can't my nieces be babies forever?

So there you have it. Our weekend in a nutshell. Hopefully we can get a lot of stuff done and still have some time for fun. What are your weekend plans?

Rebecca Havener, My Little Devils With Wings
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